NuvaRing is a contraceptive device that is a good alternative to conventional contraceptive pills.

Unlike the pill, which you take orally each day, this contraceptive method provides protection against unwanted pregnancy for up to 3 weeks without having to do anything in the meantime. You then take a one-week break before inserting a new ring.

What is NuvaRing?

  • vaginal-ring (1)Side effects are very rare
  • Practical contraceptive
  • perfect alternative to the pill

NuvaRing is a contraceptive ring and is a new form of hormonal contraception. The treatment offers a 100% effective alternative to birth control pills. Unlike the pill, which a woman has to take orally each day, NuvaRing provides effective protection against unwanted pregnancy for three weeks. During this period, women need not worry about anything, as there is no risk of forgetting a pill. After three weeks, the woman should take a one-week break before inserting a few ring.

NuvaRing is very easy to use. You insert it into the vagina on the first day of menstruation and it be 100% effective in protecting you against pregnancy.

This new method of contraception can also make periods less painful.

Designed in a material that is both flexible and lightweight, NuvaRing can be adapted to all body types. It also does not cause any problems when practising different activities and sports. According to studies, women do not feel the ring.

How to use the contraceptive ring?

vaginal-ring (2)

NuvaRing should be inserted into the vagina on the first day of menstruation. To avoid any risk of infection, we recommend that you have clean hands before touching the ring and inserting it in your vaginal walls. Putting it in is relatively simple: the best way to insert the NuvaRing is use your thumb and index finger to push gently on both sides and slide the ring into the vagina.

NuvaRing is effective immediately after installation, but if you have never used this treatment, we recommend that you use condoms for the first 5 days. Your body requires a few days to get completely used to the hormones.

To remove the ring, use the same procedure but the other way round. Always with clean hands, hold the NuvaRing between your index and middle fingers and pull it out slowly and steadily. As stated above, you have to wait 7 days after removing the ring before inserting it again. You will remain protected against any risk of unwanted pregnancy.

What is NuvaRing’s active ingredient?

The active substances in NuvaRing are Ethinylestradiol (15mcg) and Etonogestrel (120mcg). Both are progestin and oestrogen hormones. NuvaRing releases the same hormones as a contraceptive pill: on the one hand, it works to stop ovulation, and on the other, it prevents fertilisation and ultimately alters the cervical mucus. Sperm can then not reach the uterus during sex and no fertilisation can take place.

Advantages and disadvantages of the vaginal ring

Nuvaring online: The main benefits of the contraceptive ring are
7% efficiency (which is even higher than perfect use of the pill!)Flexible and lightweight, you cannot feel it
Reduced abdominal pain before and during menstruationIt’s not possible to forget to use it
Effective for 4 weeksContinuous use
Easy to install (you can do it yourself, like a tampon)Reduced side effects compared to the pill
Reduction in hormones that are released into the body


The ring, however, retains some disadvantages as follows:

  • Possible side effects: acne, abdominal and chest pain, yeast allergies.
  • Some women believe that the vaginal ring might be annoying during sex. This may be true if it is not well positioned in the vagina.
  • Not covered by social security
  • If you cannot use the combined pill, you also cannot choose the ring as a contraceptive

What is the contraceptive dosage?

NuvaRing’s dosage is its main advantage. You only ‘take’ it once a month, unlike birth control pills that you take each day for either 21 days or 28 days.

Because you only insert the ring once a month, the risk of forgetting about it is tiny, and the woman avoids the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

What are the side effects of NuvaRing?

The vast majority of contraceptives cause occasional side effects, and the NuvaRing is no exception to the rule. Although side effects are very rare when using the ring, some women may experience the following side effects:

Main side effects of NuvaRing
headachesfeeling stressed
chest painacne
dizzinessdecreased libido
vaginal dischargestomach ache


If you do suffer from side effects, they should theoretically fade after a few days when your body gets used to the ring. However, we recommend you consult your doctor if your side effects either get worse or do not go away.

What if you forget to take Nuvaring?

The advantage of the vaginal ring is that you cannot forget to take anything once the ring is inserted! However, if you experience an accident of use, such as:

  • Expulsion of the ring (after sex for example, or in the case of constipation): there is no need to worry if you reposition the ring within 3 hours. Rinse with cold or warm water (not hot) and insert it again. After 3 hours without a ring, the effect is the same as if you forget pill for longer than 12 hours, and you will not be protected.
  • Forgetting the ring early in the cycle: if it is not inserted on the 1st day of your cycle, you can always insert it between the 2ndand the 5th day of your period, but you will need to use another means of contraceptive (condom, spermicide) for the first 7 days.

Note that it is possible (though not recommended) to remove the ring during sex if it is uncomfortable, and reposition it within three hours, after rinsing it off.

What are the contraindications?

The NuvaRing should be used by women aged over 18 and in good health. The ring is not advised for women aged over 50 years. NuvaRing is also not advised for women with hypertension or who have experienced a stroke, or for women with diabetes or liver problems.

How should it be stored?

NuvaRing contraceptive is not like any other. The ring needs to be kept at a certain temperature in order to be effective. In fact, you should keep NuvaRing at a temperature not exceeding 30°C, and store it in its packaging, protected from light and moisture. After buying NuvaRing, you have a period of four months to use the treatment. If you exceed this time, we recommend that you do not use the treatment, as it might not be effective. Please do not throw the treatment in your household waste, but simply drop it off at your nearest pharmacy.

How do I buy NuvaRing online & in Australia?

prescriptionChoosing a contraceptive method can seem like an obstacle course for some women. It is necessary to try a few methods before you find the right one.

Buy Nuvaring in an Australian pharmacy

Contraceptive rings, patches and even birth control pills are subject to medical prescription. In order to get the ring, you have two options: The first is to make an appointment with your gynaecologist, who will conduct a medical exam before giving you a prescription that you can use to buy the NuvaRing in a pharmacy. Sometimes this process can be fairly lengthy because of gynaecologists’ busy schedules.

Buy Nuvaring online in Australia

To solve this problem, you can go to certain pharmaceutical sites in order to buy NuvaRing online, if you have already used this treatment before. In this case, you conduct a remote medical examination and, depending on whether your health allows, you can buy NuvaRing online.

There are two important things to consider before buying contraceptives on the internet. The first is to check the laws in your country concerning online drug purchase. Buying prescription drugs online is not permitted in all countries. If you reside in Germany, England or Sweden, selling prescription drugs online is authorised, however in other countries like France, Spain or Ireland, it is illegal. If you find a French website offering to sell you contraception and delivery in France, be aware that this is an illegal site and is possibly dangerous to your health.

The second thing to remember is related to the first.  Counterfeiting medication is, unfortunately, a widespread practice on the Internet in UK, as in all European countries. Before purchasing drugs online, be sure to check the site where you want to buy the drugs carefully. Check the quality of the site, its level of English or other European languages, its medical team, its base address. Also note that if you want to be delivered drugs in UK, the website must have a physical pharmacy in the country to be able to send you the medication.

What is the price of Nuvaring online & in Australia?

MSD logo

In UK, MSD NuvaRing is a contraceptive ring available only if you have a prescription. Prices of drugs in this class are determined by pharmacies at will. Prices will vary depending on the place, city, area, etc. where you want to complete the purchase. Note that the pill is not reimbursed by social security.

  • Nuvaring Price: Buy in an Australian pharmacy

The price for one NuvaRing in a pharmacy, i.e. one month of treatment, ranges from ££18 to £20 on average. It is necessary to add the cost of your doctor’s consultation to this price.

  • Nuvaring Price: Buy Nuvaring online in Australia

NuvaRing’s online prices can be relatively competitive. Depending on the different online pharmacies, the price for one month of treatment is only slightly higher than in a pharmacy, namely between £23 and £26. When you order the prescription, you get an average of 3 months of treatment (total cost £70-80). The cost of the prescription and delivery are usually included.

Caution: Alfadoc always recommends that you go through your gynaecologist to conduct a comprehensive review of your health before purchasing the contraceptive ring or any other prescription drug. We also invite you to be wary of websites offering you drugs with promotions such as “cheap” or “without prescription”. These websites often sell counterfeits that can be dangerous to your health.
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Side effects


Ease of Use





  • Almost 100% effective
  • Contains etonogestrel 120mcg and ethinylestradiol 15mcg
  • Soft and flexible contraceptive ring


  • Headaches
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Acne


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