Propecia is the only medication to treat baldness and hair loss problems whose management requires a prescription. It is also the treatment that is considered the most effective (apart from grafts and micrografts) in terms of hair regrowth.

Propecia is, without doubt, the most effective solution today for fighting hair loss

MSD logoPropecia manufactured by MSD is a generic medication made from the molecule “Finasteride” whose effectiveness in fighting hair loss was proven in 1998. The main action of Propecia is to radically prevent the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (or DHT) in the human body. It is a treatment designed exclusively for men, as DHT is a male hormone that is responsible for baldness in 95% of cases.

This is why many medical professionals still direct their patients towards this solution today, which is proven to be the most effective (at a medical level) to effectively fight against the loss and thinning of hair. Propecia is known to obtain excellent results, and even on the most sensitive areas of the male scalp (i.e., the frontal area and the temples) as it is these areas where baldness first becomes problematic.

What is hair loss?

What is hair loss?

Propecia works best in the long term, in terms of stopping the hair loss and then re-growing hair. We can divide its field of action into three parts: the first is spread over the first two or three months and is the “stopping hair loss” phase.

Hair Growth Cycle

Hair Growth Cycle

Following the stabilisation of your hair mass follows the regrowth phase, between the 3rd and 12th months of treatment. The previously sparse areas of the scalp are repopulated with stronger and healthier hair while consolidating the volume and the overall density of the hair mass.

At the end of this first year of treatment comes the third stage, that of “Maintenance”. New hair continues to grow, but at a lesser pace than during the first year. The health of the scalp continues to improve, and the hair is thicker, causing an extension of its life cycle with a better overall distribution of hair on the skull.

Propecia was considered for many years as the only effective treatment in terms of hair regrowth (aside from grafting, which is still far too expensive for the average person). Many doctors continue to prescribe it worldwide, even though there are new solutions available (which you can find on our website) with seemingly similar results.

What is Propecia’s active ingredient?

The active molecule in Propecia is Finasteride (1mg), a selective inhibitor of type II and type III 5a reductase steroid.

Propecia contains the active ingredient Finasteride

Propecia contains the active ingredient Finasteride

Finasteride is also used as a treatment in the prevention of prostate cancer.

Inactive ingredients of Propecia
Iron (III) oxide (E172)7Hypromellose
Microcrystalline celluloseTitanium Dioxide (E171)
Yellow iron oxide (E172)Sodium salt
Hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC)Magnesium stearate
TalcDocusate sodium
Lactose monohydratePoly (O-carboxymethyl)


Who is it designed for?

It is only designed for males as it is totally ineffective in women. It is best to begin treatment Propecia as soon as the first signs of premature baldness can be seen, as it is most effective at this time. Many men begin to take it relatively young because it is an excellent preventive treatment against hair loss, and thus people who are subject to the risk (whose parent or grandparent has pronounced baldness) prefer to be safe than sorry in terms of hair loss by using Propecia.

Moreover, it seems that it has a greater effectiveness in subjects under 40 years of age, even though its positive effects against baldness have been proven in individuals of every age group. Indeed, hair loss has been seen to slow down in almost all male subjects, given that this drug works at a hormonal level (as a DHT inhibitor) by completely blocking the hormone responsible for weakening the hair follicles on the male scalp.

Important information

As explained above, Propecia treatment is ineffective on female individuals. experts would also like to warn you about the dangers of this treatment in women or children.

Indeed, finasteride can be absorbed directly through the skin, which is why we clearly advise to never touch a Propecia tablet if you are a woman or a child. As for parents, keep the tablets out of reach in order to avoid any risks.

Read the instructions carefully before taking Propecia treatments!

Although Propecia is not effective in women, it can still have a negative effect on the female body, especially in periods of pregnancy, or birth defects can occur in the foetus (even if the subject at risk is only to touch a tablet, without swallowing it).

Therefore, Propecia tablets should not be handled in any way by a pregnant woman, or a woman who might be pregnant.

If a woman inadvertently comes to touch a Propecia tablet, you should immediately wash the area that has come into contact with the tablet with soap and water. Also, do not hesitate to contact your doctor explaining the situation the following day.

Another important note concerning men is that you should not take Propecia if you have ever had an allergic reaction to finasteride, or to a similar drug to Propecia (such as Avodart for example).

How to use Propecia Finasteride?

To see the beneficial effects of Propecia, just take a 1mg tablet at the same time every day. It is not essential to take during meal times, as a simple glass of water is enough for the daily tablet intake.

It is important to note that health specialists consider Propecia to be a lifelong treatment. That is to say, if you stop using Propecia-based treatment after a year of daily use because you have reached a satisfactory hair mass, you will probably lose all the hair you have “gained” within 12 months following the discontinuation.

Note that it is unnecessary to increase the doses, as this will not change the amount of hair that you can gain.

How should Propecia be stored?

For proper maintenance of your Propecia treatment, we advise you to keep it at room temperature, away from moisture and light.

Propecia, like any medicine, should be kept out of the reach and sight of children and adolescents. Remember that it can be taken only by adult men. We also advise that you check the expiration date on the packaging of the drug, if it is exceeded, please report the drug to a pharmacy. We thank you for not throwing the medicine in the household garbage, in order to respect the environment.

What if I forget a dose?

How should I take my Propecia-based treatment without risk?

propecia-finasterideIf you forget to take your Propecia pill and you realise within hours of the missed pill, take your tablet as usual and return to taking the medication at the “normal” time the next day.

If you remember too late, then skip the missed pill and take the next one at the “normal” time that you have set.

Never take a double dose to make up for the forgotten pill. As well as being useless, this can also be dangerous.

Prescription for Propecia online

We can only warn you against the online pharmacies or stores that will offer a basic Finasteride treatment without a prescription. It is normally required to have a prescription in order to obtain Propecia, so do not hesitate to talk directly with your doctor.

Remember that it is also possible to obtain your prescription directly online, on a pharmacy website of a pharmacy approved at European level. For example, you can click here to get a totally free consultation with a doctor and so you obtain the necessary prescription to buy Propecia.

What are the side effects of Propecia?

Although these are very rare when taking Propecia—which is considered a very safe treatment as it is extremely well supported by health authorities—it is evident that all prescription drugs have risks of side effects, and that each individual, reacts differently according to his body to taking a treatment based on Finasteride.

Here is a list of side effects that can potentially affect men taking Propecia 1mg tablets:

  • Skin rashes, itching, hives or facial swelling (on the lips or face).
  • Decreased libido, temporary erectile dysfunction (which diminishes as soon the treatment is stopped).
  • Swelling of the chest, or mammary swelling.

AlfaDoc advises you to speak directly to your doctor if you experience any such problems when taking Propecia, or if you simply want more information about any of these side effects.

How do I buy Propecia online & in Australia?

prescriptionTwo options are available to patients wishing to take Propecia. The first is to contact your doctor in order to explain your problem and your desire to stop hair loss.

Buy Propecia in an Australian pharmacy

After a medical check-up and an examination of your medical history, he will decide whether or not to give you a prescription that allows you to buy Propecia in a pharmacy.

If you cannot reach the doctor for scheduling or logistical, you can also choose to buy Propecia online.

Buy Propecia online in Australia

Some European clinics allow patients to purchase medical treatment remotely by performing a medical consultation online. By filling in a detailed medical questionnaire, a medical team working with the clinic will ensure that taking the treatment is safe for your body. If this is the case, you can buy Propecia online.

Before making the purchase online, check that the online clinic operates with an actual physical pharmacy. Many counterfeits and potentially harmful drugs to your health are circulating on the Internet. Ordering Propecia should be performed on a trusted website.

You should also know that the purchase of prescription drugs online is not allowed in all countries. If you decide to order Propecia online, find out in advance if the country in which you reside permits it.

What is the price of Propocia online & in Australia?

18+As you read earlier in the article, Propecia Finasteride belongs to the class of medications available only by prescription. Used today by millions of men, the price of the drug turns out to be higher than other treatments against hair loss. This higher price simply reflects the fact that Propecia is, firstly, the only prescription medication, and secondly, because this is the most effective treatment against hair loss. The entirety of the studies demonstrates the efficacy of the product.

As for its price, as it is only available on prescription, pharmacists are completely free to set the price of the drug. You should also know that the drug is not reimbursed by social security.

  • Propecia price: Buy Propecia in an Australian pharmacy

In pharmacies, the price of Propecia Finasteride for one month of treatment varies between £39 and £75. Do not forget to add the cost of the medical consultation at which you received the prescription to this price.

  • Propecia price: Buy Propecia online in Australia

The price of Propecia online is relatively higher. This increase is explained by the combination of the cost of the online consultation and the delivery charge. The online price varies from £59 to £90 for one month of treatment.

Note: We ask you to beware of websites inviting you to buy or order your medication online with promotions such as “cheap Propecia” “cheaper Propecia” or “Best price for Propecia“. Websites offering abnormally low prices generally sell counterfeit products, which are potentially harmful to your health.

Note that in all cases, even if purchasing or ordering Propecia online has many benefits, AlfaDoc always recommends that you carry out a medical consultation with your doctor to get the prescription. If you have to go to your doctor to get the prescription, take the opportunity also to undertake a comprehensive review of your health.

AlfaDoc answers the most common questions about Propecia Finasteride online & in Australia

Why take this treatment?

It is very clear that taking Propecia is neither mandatory nor vital for the patient. Doctors advise patients to take this treatment simply if they are struggling with their increasing hair loss. While there are many other treatments available to fight against hair loss, Propecia is the most effective and the only prescription treatment.

Is Propecia more effective than the other medications for fighting hair loss?

Indeed, other medicines exist and are available at more affordable prices on the market, however, Propecia is the only prescription treatment. Treatment available only on prescription means it has undergone numerous clinical tests in order to obtain permission to be sold. Its use and efficiency are demonstrated by its ability to reach this agreement.

How long does it take to see the first results?

This can vary from one patient to another, however, clinical studies show that the first results arrive between 3 and 6 months after starting treatment. After two years of treatment, the results are even more visible, in its phase of regrowth.

What happens if I decide to stop taking it?

Propecia is a treatment to be taken for life, and it is only effective when taken regularly every day. When you stop taking it, the positive effects will stop after 6 months.

AlfaDoc’s advice before buying Propecia Finasteride online & in Australia

Propecia is not a miracle treatment against hair loss

Although it is the only prescription treatment for stopping hair loss and although it is the most effective, it is not enough to take it for just a few weeks or months to solve all your problems. As noted above, Finasteride is a lifelong treatment. If you decide to stop, you will lose your hair again.

You should be ready to take the treatment in the long term

If you start taking Propecia, you will see the first results appear after a few months. During the first year, you will see your hair stop falling out and then, from the second year, you will see the start of regrowth. There is no doubt that the results are proven, however, they arrive in the long term, and you must be patient. Taking lifelong treatment can be difficult for some people.

The treatment is relatively expensive

As this is a long-term treatment to be taken continuously for many years, taking the treatment represents a relatively high price for a man wishing to treat his baldness. You must ask yourself about the cost / benefit ratio. The price of treatment for a year ranges from approximately €500 to €700 when purchasing in a pharmacy. It is 3-5 times more expensive than other treatments without prescription, like Minoxidil in particular. You should also compare the price of Propecia to that of a hair transplant. Although hair transplantation is very expensive (€5000 – €7000), it can be worth thinking about if you are considering taking Propecia for over 10 years. You must, therefore, compare different treatments and different methods to fight against hair loss and choose the most appropriate for yourself. There is no solution; each case is unique.

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  • Stopped hair loss in 90% of cases in a clinical study
  • Lead to hair regrowth in over two thirds of men
  • Most well known Hair Loss treatment


  • Skin rashes
  • Itching
  • Quite expensive


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