Vaniqa cream is a treatment for hirsutism

Vaniqa is a dermatological product prescribed to women with hirsutism. You apply the cream directly to the affected area and it will prevent further hair growth.

Women (as well as men) are expected to conform to today’s expectations during their whole lives. Whether this applies to a woman’s role as a mother, how she acts at work, or especially how she looks physically; these standards must be met.

If a woman doesn’t meet these ideas she is seen as weird or abnormal. Young women, in particular, are faced with the daily battle against body hair and to combat the more extreme cases is Vaniqa cream.

Whilst women of yesteryear lived without razors or epilators it is the opposite case for today’s women. Not only is it shown on television, in magazines and in adverts that your body should be hairless, but you also see models with their perfect skin and smooth legs.

Women have no other choice than to face these (in)human beauty standards and they rid themselves of even the slightest hair.

However, some women suffer from a problem called hirsutism. How do we solve this problem so that these women can feel comfortable in their own skin?

How to get rid of hirsutism

There are a number of methods for fighting hirsutism, all of which aim to reduce the symptoms over the long term. However, it is currently impossible to completely cure the problem and get rid of the hairs forever. Here are some of the different methods you can use to feel a bit better:


The first solution we usually think of is waxing (or shaving). You can use wax, but it is a painful process. What’s more, hair grows back within two or three weeks.

You can also get rid of hair using hair removal cream. Although this method is painless, hair grows back relatively quickly and there is a good risk of having an allergic reaction.

An interesting choice is hair removal using an electric epilator, but this is a fairly pricy option. Electric epilators hurt almost as much as waxing, but it takes a lot longer for the hair to reappear.

However, if you can, you should opt for laser hair removal which completely destroys the roots of the hair, bit by bit. This method is effective but you only see results in the long term. You need to undergo several sessions before you will see a real change in your hair growth. It is also a more expensive option, as you pay for each session.

The last way to remove your hair is by shaving. This is both an economical and painless choice, but hair grows back quickly and more thickly. This method is not recommended unless you have no time.

You should be careful when choosing a method. Although it seems like the perfect solution for hair growth, remember that you should never use a razor on your face unless you want to see twice as much hair next time. Hairs grow back with a thicker follicle and it becomes even more difficult to use the other methods to remove it.

In other terms, shaving is not advised if you suffer from facial hirsutism.

Drug-based treatments

There are several treatments available to reduce hair regrowth. The idea is to reduce your androgen levels in order to increase the feminine hormones. However, it takes a while (several months) before you see any results, and it is not yet clear how effective they are in the long term. It has not been proven whether they work in the long term because of a lack of scientific studies on the subject.

However, it is impossible to know if the hairs will completely disappear using medical treatments or if they simply delay the inevitable. You should also know that these medications work by preventing future hairs rather than changing your current amount of hair. They are therefore recommended for women who are still in the early stages of the illness before many hairs have appeared.

Some oral contraceptive medications can also be effective but they can increase the risk of pulmonary embolism and phlebitis. These cases are extremely rare and there are numerous treatments that have been developed nowadays to help reduce the risk to nearly 0%. In any case, you should speak to your doctor in order to avoid putting your health at risk.


There are two types of cream that are designed to treat symptoms of hirsutism. The first type of cream aims to slow down hair regrowth. The other type of cream bleaches your hair so that it is less visible. You need to use both of these creams at once to see decent results. These creams (which are available with a prescription or in a pharmacy) can be an attractive solution to hirsutism, as we will see later in this article when we focus on Vaniqa cream.


According to a recent study, many women suffering from hirsutism claimed that their symptoms reduced when they used acupuncture. It apparently minimised the thickness and length of the hair. On top of this, acupuncture can also lower your testosterone levels, which is one of the main causes of this female problem. However, acupuncture is not yet counted as a proper treatment for hirsutism. Numerous authorities, such as scientists, health authorities, pharmaceutical laboratories and researchers have been trying to confirm for years whether or not it works.

Does hirsutism have any other symptoms?

The answer to this question is yes. Although the main symptom is “masculine” hair growth, you can also experience:

Vaniqa online: Other symptoms of hirsutism
Obesity (especially around the waist)Acne
Irregular periodsHypertension
DiabetesThinning skin
A deeper voiceShoulders becoming larger and muscular
Clitoral dilationThe beginning of baldness or abnormal hair loss (more than 150/day)


Therefore, hirsutism can be truly irritating, and not only because of irregular hair growth. You should, therefore, try to treat this problem as soon as you notice symptoms for both your health and aesthetic reasons.

Vaniqa cream is an excellent solution to hirsutism

Vaniqa cream is used to relieve the symptoms of hirsutism that affect the face, i.e. facial hair. Vaniqa is obviously not a miracle treatment that will completely cure you of hirsutism forever. It is, however, effective, and has two very useful functions.

If you normally use one cream to slow down hair regrowth and another cream to bleach the hairs, you will be pleased to know that Vaniqa does both, whilst also doing a better job if it than your usual cream.

Firstly, Vaniqa inhibits the enzyme that is responsible for hair production, which helps to reduce the size and number of hairs. Secondly, Vaniqa’s active ingredients bleach your hair (which also becomes thinner thanks to how it works). This way, if you use Vaniqa regularly, you will see a real change in how much hair you can see.

What is its active ingredient?

Vaniqa contains the active ingredient, eflornithine. This substance counteracts an enzyme called ornithine decarboxylase, which is found in the hair follicles and contains an essential ingredient to hair growth. Vaniqa stops this enzyme from working normally and therefore helps to reduce hair growth.

Does it work?

Vaniqa cream gives satisfactory results in 80% of cases. This is an encouraging figure when you bear in mind that the first results are visible just 4 to 8 weeks after you start using it. However, if you see no change within 4 months, there is no point continuing with the treatment. If this happens, you should talk to your doctor who will be able to direct you towards a better solution for your body and hair type.

How do you apply Vaniqa?

Vaniqa is a prescription treatment and must be applied twice a day for at least eight hours between applications. You can use it not only on the face but also on any other part of the body affected by hirsutism. Don’t forget that if you use a form of hair removal, you should wait for 5 minutes before applying Vaniqa cream. If you wish to apply makeup to the area, do it 5 minutes after applying Vaniqa.

Massage the cream in small circular motions onto the desired area (those affected by excessive hair growth) until the cream has been completely absorbed. Once you have done so, wash your hands well with water to get rid of all the remaining cream.

Take note:

  1. Reduce the amount of cream used if it irritates your skin
  2. Wait for a while to apply the cream if you have just shaved or washed your skin
  3. Make sure you massage the cream into the skin until it has been completely absorbed
  4. Wait for four hours before washing the area in question
  5. Never exceed the dose prescribed by your doctor

Read packet instructions carefully before starting treatment.

What should I do if I forget to apply Vaniqa?

Never “double up” your applications in an attempt to make up for forgetting to apply the cream earlier. You could have a negative reaction to Vaniqa if you use too much of it. You should simply apply the cream when you remember and then continue your cycle as normal (whilst remembering to leave an 8-hour gap between applications).

Side effects of Vaniqa

Like many treatments, Vaniqa can cause some side effects in certain people, however, this is unusual. These side effects include acne, flushing and skin dryness.

These side effects should disappear within a few days of treatment. However, if you find that side effects persist, you should think about changing your treatment as this would indicate that the cream reacts badly with your skin. You should speak to your doctor in order to find the right treatment for you, as they will be able to advise you based on a detailed questionnaire.

Precautions of use

It is also important to note that Vaniqa cannot be used by women aged under twelve and especially by pregnant or breastfeeding women. The substances in the cream can pass through the placenta and breast milk, so using Vaniqa during pregnancy can be very dangerous for the foetus.

Our opinion on Vaniqa cream

To conclude, there is no absolute cure for hirsutism. However, Vaniqa can considerably reduce the negative effects (such as hair visibility and amount) in a very short time!

Vaniqa’s results are extremely positive according to the majority of users, and it has a high rate of satisfaction.

What can I buy Vaniqa online and how much does it cost in Australia?

prescriptionBefore you think about buying this cream, remember that it is only available under prescription, so you cannot obtain it in any other way. However, if you are embarrassed about going into a pharmacy to buy the cream, remember that there are some good online pharmacies available…

Buy Vaniqa online in Australia

But, be careful and make sure you know all about the online pharmacy where you are buying your Vaniqa cream! There are a number of unauthorised online pharmacies that have cropped up online in the past few years, and they often sell low-quality products.

If you do not research the pharmacy properly, you might put your health at risk by ordering from the wrong one (which often promote their products with slogans like “less expensive” or even without a prescription)!

Our teams, therefore, advise that you use the pharmacy so that you avoid buying counterfeit drugs.

This platform is equipped with all necessary approval to sell medication on the internet, without there being any risk to the individual.

In order to buy drugs online, you will have to fill out a small medical questionnaire. This is then sent directly to a certified doctor who will decide whether or not to issue you a free prescription to obtain your cream.

You will then receive your treatment as quickly and discretely as possible (with 24h delivery).

FAQ – Vaniqa online in Australia

Can I drink alcohol while using Vaniqa?

Alcohol consumption does not affect the treatment’s efficacy.

Can I drive while taking this treatment?

Your ability to drive should not be affected. However, if you suffer from any side effects that could affect your driving skills, do not drive and contact your doctor immediately.

Can I use Vaniqa if I am pregnant?

Do not use this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Your doctor can direct you towards an alternative method of treatment.

How should I store this medication?

Keep your cream in a cool, dry place, at a temperature not exceeding 25°C. Keep it out of the reach of children.

Am I allergic to this medication?

Vaniqa contains the following ingredients: eflornithine; cetostearyl alcohol; macrogol cetostearyl ether; dimethicone; glyceryl stearate; phenoxyethanol; propyl parahydroxybenzoate (E216); macrogol stearate; methyl paraben (E218); paraffin oil; purified water and stearyl alcohol.

Note that sometimes small amounts of sodium hydroxide (E254) are used to maintain a normal acid level (pH).

Do not use this treatment if you are allergic or intolerant to one of these ingredients.

Is Vaniqa available without a prescription?

Vaniqa can only be delivered if you possess a medical prescription. Our medical team can give you a prescription through our online consultation system.

Is this the right treatment for me?

Our team of doctors can help you decide if Vaniqa is the right treatment for you. Just take five minutes to answer one of the medical questionnaires and a qualified doctor will take a look at your case. Once authorised, your order will be prepared by the pharmacy.

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