Champix is a treatment to stop smoking

Tobacco is an evil that plagues us more and more each day. Relatively alarming figures do not seem to deter the thousands of people who smoke. Despite the health risks and the ever rising price of cigarettes, the number of smokers continues to grow. If some people smoke for pleasure, others have no choice because they are, quite simply, dependent, although the majority would like to stop. Stopping smoking is complicated because this dependence, that we call ‘nicotine addiction’, is very difficult to overcome.

But fortunately, there are all kinds of treatments that to help reverse nicotine dependency. Among them is Champix. But what exactly is this medication? Is it actually effective? Are there any side effects? Where can you buy it, and at what price?

By buying Champix online via this licensed pharmacy, you are ensured the best market price, as well as obtaining a free prescription.

What is Champix Varenicline?

Champix (or Varenicline) is a drug that has been sold since 2007 and is intended to help adults stop smoking permanently. This treatment is only obtainable with a prescription written by a doctor. Unlike patches and chewing gums to help quit smoking, Champix is not a replacement medicine and does not deliver nicotine into the body.

This medication is mainly for heavily addicted smokers and should not be taken in addition to gums or patches.

What is the active ingredient in Champix?

The active ingredient of this quit smoking drug is called Varenicline. Developed by Pfizer, Varenicline is intended as a partial agonist of the nicotine receptors in the central nervous system.

Champix contains the active ingredient Varenicline

Champix contains the active ingredient Varenicline

As most smokers know, the consumption of nicotine has the effect of stimulating the nervous system receptors.

Varenicline is based on dual action

  1. The first is to provide the brain with a similar interaction to the reaction produced by smoking
  2. The second action is to reduce neurochemical stimulation. To be clear, the active agent of Champix, Varenicline, greatly reduces the positive sensation, the pleasure produced by cigarette smoking. By regularly using Champix, you will gradually forget the feeling of pleasure than you might experience when you smoke.

How does it work?

To understand how it works, we must first know what nicotine does for us.

When nicotine enters our body, our brain automatically detects a feeling of pleasure, of satisfaction. The brain will associate this feeling with smoking. Smoking, therefore, gives us pleasure with each puff of smoke. Champix, meanwhile, acts directly on the brain of the smoker in order to remove any feeling of pleasure in smoking a cigarette. This drug also blocks nicotine receptors and takes action on the production of dopamine in the pleasure areas of the brain.

How does Champix Varenicline work

How does Champix Varenicline work

In this way, Champix does not allow the smoker to experience any pleasure in smoking a cigarette and his dependency is reduced.

What is the dosage of the treatment?

Champix is very well designed, both ergonomically and practically, in order to help the patient most constructively. The smoker gets a clear indication of dosages to be taken daily via the box.

Treatment is usually recommended as a 12-week starter packet. This packet is, in most cases, sufficient to stop smoking. The program must be started before the smoker stops smoking.

The most effective time to decide to quit smoking is one to two weeks after taking the treatment. The smoker must let his body get used to the treatment. After about 14 days, nicotine will provide the smoker with much less pleasure.

In order to make the treatment effective, the recommended dosage must be strictly observed:

  • During the first three days, the smoker should take one tablet per day (a white 0.5mg tablet)
  • From the fourth the seventh day, the smoker should take two 0.5mg tablets per day (white tablet)
  • From the eighth until the last day of the programme, the smoker should take two 1mg tablets per day (blue tablet)
How to take Champix tablets

How to take Champix tablets


According to studies, the vast majority of people manage to stop smoking after treatment.

For those who have not yet been able to quit, we ask you to please consult your doctor again, who may prescribe a different treatment if necessary.

What to do if you forget a tablet?

If you miss one dose, it is useless (and even unadvised) to take a double dose to compensate for the missed tablet. When you realise, simply take the missed dose as usual. Then, take the next one, depending on the progress of your treatment for stopping smoking.

Does Champix have any side effects?

First of all, there are typical side effects such as:

  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Trouble sleeping

These basic adverse effects are found in a large majority of drugs. Similarly, this drug should not be administered to pregnant women. Ditto for children and adolescents under 18, who should especially not take Champix, as the effects have not been studied on this specific type of physique.

Alongside these typical side effects, this treatment can also encourage the emergence of more uncommon adverse effects.

Uncommon effects of Champix Varenicline
Behavioral changesMood changes
Suicidal thoughts


These side effects are not experienced by everyone, but it is essential to know them so that you can inform your doctor if they happen to you. Only your doctor can direct you towards a treatment better suited to your situation.

What are the medical contraindications?

The medication is strongly discouraged for people with hypersensitivity, or who are allergic to Varenicline or other agents used in the drug. Champix is also unadvised for pregnant women, people with epilepsy, or people suffering from depression.

Indeed, if you are pregnant, or wish to conceive, it makes sense to want to quit smoking, for both you and your child. However, the active molecule Varenicline is transmitted via breast milk, so Champix is formally unadvised. In this particular situation, there are other options available to you to stop smoking, i.e. more natural solutions based on natural techniques.

Alcohol intake linked to Champix is also not recommended, as Varenicline increases the side effects of alcohol.

It is important to remember that, like with medications promoting weight loss, patients wishing to start treatment to stop smoking must be truly motivated. Although treatment provides undeniable support for stopping smoking, if you do not have an adequate state of mind, the acquired results will not be up to expectation.

Using alongside other medication

It is strongly inadvisable to stop smoking using Champix if you are already taking a treatment containing cimetidine. Cimetidine is an antihistamine used to treat allergies. Treatments containing Nicotine are also unadvised.

Benefits and success rates

Pfizer logoThe Champix manufactured by Pfizer success rate is 22% (after one year and around 50% after 4 weeks), which means that results are not guaranteed, and are infrequently achieved. This is because there is no miracle cure for smoking dependency, simply because nicotine is one of the most difficult drugs to quit. Nicotine is particularly addictive, and only your motivation (associated with taking this treatment) can help you quit it forever!

Several levels of dependency

Whatever the case, the best way to not become addicted to cigarettes is not smoking, period. Unfortunately, those who are most affected by smoking are the youth, because more people are starting to smoke earlier, and dependence grows progressively, if not immediately in some cases.

However, some people can smoke throughout their lives without becoming dependent. An occasional cigarette, during a specific event, for example, is, of course harmful. However, it is less harmful than for a regular smoker, and stopping smoking will be easier to bear.

Addiction to smoking is a real evil that takes many people every year. If you feel that smoking a cigarette does you some good, or if you smoke out of habit without even realising it, these are the first signs of addiction. If the latter is not yet well established, you can discard it. However, if your dependence is at a high level, the “healing process” (stopping smoking) will be longer and more exhausting, both physically and mentally.

18+How to store Champix?

Like any drug, Varenicline should be kept out of the reach and sight of children and adolescents, specifically anyone under the age of 18. Before you start the treatment to quit smoking, please check the expiry date on the packet. If the latter is expired, please do not use the treatment.

How to buy Champix Varenicline online & in Australia?

prescriptionSeveral options are available to you if you wish to buy Champix. The first is to simply make an appointment with your doctor.

Buy Champix in an Australian pharmacy

All you must do is explain your problem and your willingness to quit smoking. After a medical examination, the doctor will inform you if your health allows you to take the medication to help you quit smoking. With your prescription, you can then go to the pharmacy and buy the treatment. This is the most commonly used solution by patients.

Buy Champix online in Australia

The other option is the buy Champix online, i.e. on the internet. Several online clinics allow you to conduct the medical examination on the internet. In the form of a detailed questionnaire, a doctor will check whether or not the smoker can take Champix. In the questionnaire, you should clearly indicate all the information about your health, your medical history and your history of smoking.

If you obtain permission, you will receive the treatment at your home or at the location of your choice. Ordering online is very appropriate for a renewed prescription.

Note: The purchase of Champix or other prescription treatments online is prohibited in some countries of the European Union. To find out if you can legally purchase Champix safely, please contact your regional health agency.

What is the price of Champix online & in Australia?

Champix VareniclineAs stated earlier in the article, in order to take the medication to stop smoking, you need to get a prescription to purchase the drug in a pharmacy.

Although the price of the drug could be considered expensive by some patients, you must take several points into consideration in order to make a choice. In particular, you should be aware that Champix is the only prescription medication that promotes stopping smoking. According to clinical studies, the drug was found to be the most effective.

Regarding the price, the cost of drugs requiring a prescription is freely determined by pharmacies. You should also know that the drug is not reimbursed by social security.

Champix Price: Buy Champix in an Australian pharmacy

In pharmacies, the price of Champix for a full 12 weeks of treatment can vary from £250 to £350. On top of this price is the cost of your consultation.

Champix Price: Buy Champix Online in Australia

Online, the price of Champix for 12 weeks of treatment, i.e. the average time expected to quit, varies from £259 to £350.

Caution: We invite you to beware of websites offering you the purchase or online order with promotions claiming things such as “cheaper Champix”, “cheap Champix”, or even “without prescription”. These websites promoting medicine online at abnormally low prices usually make up the majority of counterfeits.

Note that in all cases, even if ordering Champix online provides numerous benefits, AlfaDoc always recommends that you carry out a medical consultation with your doctor to get the prescription. If you must go to your doctor to obtain the prescription to stop smoking and to start a new life without cigarettes, take the opportunity to also undertake a comprehensive review of your health.

What you need to know before buying Champix Varenicline online in Australia

You must be fully prepared

Stopping smoking is difficult, and quitting is sometimes more difficult than other even stronger drugs. If you want to quit smoking, you must be prepared, and the decision must be carefully considered. Champix treatment is considered the most effective for stopping smoking, however, as we have said above, this is not a miracle treatment.

You must identify the main reason pushing you to stop smoking

Are you doing it for your family, your wife, your children, or just for you? Whatever the reason, it will always be the common denominator to stopping smoking, in every case. Cigarettes are the drug killing the most people in UK. Once you have completely stopped smoking, you will not be able to understand how you could have smoked for so long.

You should continue or start sport

One of the first concerns of people wishing to quit smoking is that they might gain weight. It is well known, with many people gaining a few kilos in the first weeks and months after quitting smoking. The nicotine present in cigarette smoke both creates a feeling of pleasure but also eliminates fat reserves. When nicotine disappears, not only does a feeling of lack arise but in addition, the body uses less fat reserves and thus weight gain occurs.

How not to gain weight when stopping smoking?

  • Eat a balanced diet

The simplest solution is to balance your meals throughout the day. Experts recommend having three meals a day at regular times.

  • Exercise

Sport is, as well all know, always beneficial to our health, but it is even more so when we stop smoking. Ex-smokers should do sports to burn more calories but also to look after the mind.

  • Look after yourself

The gesture of smoking a cigarette can feel like a lack for ex-smokers, and since they no longer smoke, some people try to replace the missing gesture. Some replace this lack with food. Try to replace this lack with sport, water consumption, chewing gum, and after a few weeks, the feeling of lack will gradually fade.

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Side effects


Ease of Use





  • High success rates
  • Proven to assist smokers in 12 weeks
  • Lessens withdrawal symptoms gradually


  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Trouble sleeping


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